Psychic Readers

Our reading rooms are private rooms with a relaxing ambiance.

We host a wonderful variety of readers in our beautiful reading rooms.

Contact us for more information on their schedules, phone readings and private parties.


ladonnaLaDonna Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Chakra Balancing, and Psychometry. La Donna is a Spiritual Counselor and a “Heart Whisperer” who uses her gifts to comfort, heal and empower her clients. She receives messages from angels and personal guides as well as loved ones who have passed on. She reads auras and has the ability to view past lives, bringi

ng to light information that can help people navigate through major life challenges. She uses Tarot and a variety of other decks to add depth and detail to the psychic expressions she receives during a reading.

“I have experienced profound growth and healing through working with La Donna. She saw past lives that were relevant to my situation and relayed uplifting messages from my guides and angels; she helped me release old family patterns that were keeping me from living my best life. She is a compassionate healer of the soul.” -Grace S.

lizaLiza can remember being psychic ever since she was a little girl. With an ability passed down from her ancestors, she has a unique connection to Spirit developed since a very young age





image001 copyMichele discovered her ability to communicate and channel messages from the spirit realms as a  very young child. Embarking on a lifelong discovery and development of her clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Michele’s love and interest in Metaphysics has taken her to Egypt, Europe and     South America where she has studied and developed her tools as clairvoyant and energy worker. Using Tarot and clairvoyance together as her main divination tool, she delivers clear and practical    Spiritual counsel as a reader. Chakra balancing and what Michele calls “Spiritual Re-Mapping” are among the many tools she combines to help others find their own deeper spiritual connections. Past life impressions as well  as messages from those who have crossed-over are among the information she has learned to access throughout her life. Above all “I consider it a blessing and an honor to share my tools and gifts with others”- Michele

image1My name is Heather, and I am a natural-born Psychic Intuitive. I have 20+ years experience using this gift to help others navigate their Life-Path more effectively, & to facilitate healing. I am also a Spiritual Counselor & a Pranic Healing Practitioner (Energy Healer). I am detailed & honest in my readings, but, I am also easy to talk to. LoVe + LIGHT



We would also like to welcome sonja and shannon to our shop.