Shop for 12-Step Recovery Gifts in Costa Mesa, CA

If you haven’t heard already, The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA, is primarily known for its twelve-step recovery items and gifts. We are the largest and oldest store to carry 12-step recovery items around! We carry a vast array of items such as books, workbooks, chips, chip holders, jewelry, plaques, trinkets, sobriety and clean time birthday cards, celebration candles, God and prayer boxes, mugs, bookmarks, pocket stones, clothing, hats, journals, speaker CD’s, wallet cards and more! Many people in Orange County refer to us as “that recovery store” to give an idea of just how many sobriety/clean-time and other anonymous recovery group items we carry!

Our owner Kimberly is the originator and patent holder of the Girly Girl and Crystallized triplate sobriety chips. Our crystallized coins are beautiful and unique, come in a wide assortment of colors and styles, and can be customized. We also carry chips in bronze, aluminum, triplates, plated, and sterling silver. We have ALL the 12-Step chips!

Our recovery book section is vast! We carry literature from Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Co-Dependants Anonymous, Adult Children Of Alcoholics, books on sponsorship, and more. And there are plenty of workbooks for those ready to dig into recovery!

If you need a holder for a medallion, we have many different styles, from gold to silver and leather, or we can offer wood or frame chip holders for a whole new direction. The store has many decorative boxes, all of which can hold a chip!

Our plaque section is enormous, and we carry many different sizes. Many have medallion holders and are adorned with prayers, 12-step slogans, and artistic carvings and/or drawings and paintings.

We carry numerous colors and offer large print if you need a book cover. The cover can be entirely blank, or we offer AA and NA book covers with the Third Step and Seventh Step, St Francis, and Serenity prayers, as well as hand-made custom covers with artistic designs. We also carry book covers for Al-Anon books and daily meditation books.

For those wishing to write about their daily musings in 12-step life, we have the most gorgeous journals, both blank and guided. Our journal section is quite popular. They make wonderful gifts!

We carry little tokens with various recovery slogans, pocket stones, and river rocks with simple yet poignant reminders to live life One Day At A Time, Meditate, or Keep It Simple.

Need a celebration candle that has twenty-five years on it? We Have them! (And the other years as well!) And they smell like birthday cake!

Our recovery jewelry line has sterling silver and 14 kart gold and is aptly named 12 Step Gold and Silver. We have pendants, rings, and bracelets, all in a wide range of prices and styles.

Our clothing section is adorable, and we have a lot of great tees with great AA and NA slogans. Some of them are quite comical, and we carry all sizes! Don’t forget the 12-step trucker hats, as they are also pretty amazing!

The God and prayer boxes here are next level! They are spread out all over the store as many of them are in tons of different sizes, styles, and colors. We have tiny treasure chest boxes, teak wood boxes, and boxes from India, Poland, and Mexico, some of them hand-painted and carved. Some are very simple, some very ornate. We have a box for every taste.


Our wallet card section has many, many different sayings, quotes, and prayers that are wonderful reminders for daily recovery and encouragement for those who may be struggling.

The sticker section includes AA and NA stickers and comes in bumper stickers and small sizes. If you ever see a car with a bumper sticker that says, “Coffee is for Stirring”, chances are pretty high they purchased it here, no pun intended!

Our recovery mug section is the source of much laughter in the store; many are very funny! We also have recovery mugs with the years on them and mugs with prayers and slogans.

We now carry Sober and Clean time Celebration boxes for the customer who wants to go big for a recovery birthday! They contain a chip, a mug, a bookmark, a birthday candle, and other super cool options! They are unique and fun and make a 12-step birthday like no other! Only available at The Latest Thing!

So if you’re looking for a recovery gift to celebrate a recovery milestone or just want to give a gift that spreads a little 12-step hope or encouragement, The Latest Thing has all your Recovery needs! We look forward to meeting you all on your 12-step recovery journeys!