Shop for Crystals & Stones in Costa Mesa, CA

Do you love crystals? You will love our selection of crystals at The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA!

We carry various sizes, types, and shapes of crystals, rocks, and minerals, all in a price range to fit every customer’s budget.

We carry small and large tumbled and raw stones, spheres, points, geodes, pyramids, butterflies, hearts and more! We have jars and jars of small tumbled stones and a whole table with nothing but our stones in their beautiful raw form.

If you are putting together a sacred altar, you will appreciate our selection of clear quartz, lapis lazuli, malachite, and black tourmaline. Our twelve-step recovery friends will love our huge collection of stunning amethyst, which is also an insanely cool stone to meditate with!

Our cases are filled with some of the most beautiful and healing crystals from around the world.

Did you know we carry Moldavite?

Known as “The Stone That Fell To Earth,” it is a meteorite that mystics and meditators can’t get enough of.

Our selection is enormous! We carry beautiful and exotic stones and crystals such as Kambaba Jasper, Scolecite, and Gold Obsidian.

Need an Aura Quartz point that looks like a Unicorn horn?!? We have them!

We also carry a great assortment of sizes of Selenite wands to clear the energy and invite positive vibes. If you tend to suffer from anxiety or stress, we have loads of pretty worry stones, in both rock and crystal.

Customers looking for more self-love will be amazed at our beautiful and extensive selection of Rose Quartz. Our spheres are breathtaking and come in various sizes, from very small to very large, and the same goes with our points and geodes; we have a size, type and price point for everyone!

Looking for crystals and stones in Costa Mesa, CA? Come to The Latest Thing to see our crystal, rock, and mineral collection. Be prepared to be impressed! Whether you are an interior designer, need a gift, or just want to fill up a medicine bag, we have every crystal or stone to meet your desires!