Shop for Smudging Supplies, Sage & Palo Santo in Costa Mesa CA

Look no further than The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA, for all your smudging needs!

With the chaotic nature of today’s modern world, the idea of cleansing our spaces and ourselves of negative and draining energy is very appealing. We carry a large selection of sage, flower sage, blue sage, black sage, Yerba Santa, and Palo Santo. We also have an assortment of Sage and Palo Santo sprays for those on-the-go or spur-of-the-moment smudge needs.

Native Traditions of Smudging

Native peoples have used both sage and Palo Santo for thousands of years to repel fear and evil spirits. These plants are treated with reverence and respect and are also said to contain medicinal properties. Smudging is also used for purification, healing, and positive energy.

We also carry a large assortment of smudging tools such as bowls, abalone shells, and feathers. We even carry Palo Santo matches!

How to do a Smudging Ritual

How to smudge is different for each person and does not have to be complicated as long as you remember intention is the essential aspect of your ceremony. Simply light your sage or Palo Santo while holding a bowl or shell underneath to catch ashes or embers. Blow on your stick or bundle; you may use a feather if desired. Say a prayer or mantra, or just hold the intention while smudging. Be sure to open a window or door to let out any stale or negative energy. Then relax, meditate, or simply enjoy the smoke’s magical properties.

Come by the Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA today, and we will be happy to introduce you to all our wonderful and oh-so-magical smudging products!