Shop for Spiritual Books & Gifts in Costa Mesa, CA

Spiritual Books, Gifts & Greeting Cards in Costa Mesa, CA

Spirituality is defined as being concerned with the human Spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. At The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA, we too are concerned with the Spirit, the soul, AND the heart. Whether you are religious, agnostic, or even atheist, we have a wide variety of beautiful items in our spiritual book and gift departments.

Our spiritual book section is filled with many titles covering many spiritual subjects such as memoirs, prayer books, how-to meditate books, chakra guidebooks, affirmation books, Buddhism, Christian mysticism and prayer, astrological self-care, angel books, motivational books, aromatherapy, and many more.

Angels Figurines, Buddha Statues & Singing Bowls

We have an entire table devoted to angel figurines, aptly called The Angel Table. We carry deities from all parts of Asia, from Buddha to Ganesh and Quan Yin, in wood, brass and ceramic. Need a singing bowl? We got em’, and we will happily play them for you as well! We carry them in both metal and crystal!

Native American Drums, Dreamcatchers & More

For those interested in Native American spirituality, we have drums, dream-catchers, feathers, and rattles. If you have trouble sitting, we have a lovely selection of meditation cushions from India.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

If you love tarot and oracle decks then you will LOVE our selection! Need a daily pick-me-up? Then check out our affirmation decks and books for some inspiration.


If you like aromatherapy, our essential oil section is vast and smells like heaven. Our candle selection is huge, and the majority of our candles are all-natural, smell divine and some are even reiki charged!

At The Latest Thing in Costa Mesa, CA, we realize that the journey inward is profound, beautiful, and unique to each individual, and we honor each and every one of you as you continue to embark on this mission. We look forward to meeting and being of service to you all as you walk the many paths of Destiny.